Chateau des Salles, Gironde

Hotel. Each decorated in the French country style, the six rooms of Chateau Des Salles invite you to put down your bags, unwind and take in the surroundings. Half a century ago the Couillaud family restored this charming chateau to its original beauty and elegance. Today the chateau is surrounded by gardens where guests can go enjoy their breakfast or just sit and relax. The estate produces its own wine and cognac that guests tend to enjoy in the traditional salon of the chateau. Furthermore, Chateau Des Salles is nestled in the countryside of Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde in the Bordeaux region.

Wine. The nearby vineyards of Saint-Emilion, Médoc and Bordeaux invite the guests of Chateau Des Salles to visit the vines and taste the wines. However, alongside the Cognac that is produced on the chateau’s estate is a fortified wine called “Pineau des Charentes.” Another, “Domaine des Salles,” appears on the wine list as well.

Dining. The small dining room of the hotel fits provides a cozy space for a delectable meal of traditional local foods. With emphasis on fresh garden vegetables grown on the estate and seafood, the plates that come out of the kitchen are always crisp and refreshing. Good regional wines from the wine list flatter the dishes.