Hôtel d’Europe, Avignon

Hotel. In the heart of Provence, Avignon patiently awaits the next generation of visitors and there to greet them is the Hôtel d’Europe. It is safe to say that no other hotel in all of Europe has continuously been renowned for its luxury and in turn has hosted so many significant and influential figures. The hotel began in the 16th century as the city home of Marquess of Gravezon, but in 1799 when one of Napoleaon’s “ladyfriends” acquired the mansion, she transformed it into a luxury hotel. Since then Victor Hugo, Picasso, and Jaqueline Kennedy have passed through these brilliant hallways. To further recognize Hôtel d’Europe’s fame, when the first Michelin Guide to France was published in 1900, this hotel was the only one listed under Avignon’s heading.

Wine. Avignon’s surroundings are filled with remarkable vineyards that allow you to appreciate the Côtes du Rhône wines. The hotel’s staff has created itineraries that send you through the south of France soaking up the wine and the history. Of course the hotel’s restaurant does have a very selective wine list filled with local varieties and a range of vintages.

Dining. Expertly crafted food produced by Executive Chef Bruno d’Angelis has earned critical acclaim as well as praise from past patrons. Diners at Hôtel d’Europe are treated to the savory Mediterranean plates composed of the finest products and paramount flavors.