Jacques Lameloise, Burgundy

Hotel. For almost 100 years the Lameloise family has run this quaint hotel in Chagny, France. Before the Lameloises took custody of the hotel this 16th century building acted as a mail relay station around the time of Louis XI. Lameloise has since emerged as one of the premiere hotels in Burgundy noted for its excellent cuisine and unmatched hospitality. Today chef Jacques Lamelois continues this tradition that was set forth by his grandfather, Pierre Lameloise back in 1920. Hopefully Jacques’ children will continue to follow suite, for this hotel is truly remarkable and an absolute joy to visit.

Wine. Bernard Pivot once said, “even the water is delicious in Burgundy!” Lameloise may actually prove him right. However, Burgundy’s fame comes from the vines. Rich red wines produced here have captured the world’s attention, and more specifically their senses. It is no wonder that Lameloise has built up a wine cellar filled with rare, fine vintages from both Burgundy and the world. Lameloise’s central location makes it ideal for wine lovers to visit Burgundy’s best vineyards and wineries nearby.

Dining. Since 1979, Lameloise has had a three star rating in the Michelin Guide and much of this restaurant’s success is owed to current “grand chef cuisinier” Jacques Lameloise. Delicate French cuisine is at its pinnacle when Lameloise gets involved. The restaurant’s most famous dishes include “raviolis d’escargots de Bourgogne dans leur bouillon d’ail doux” and “pigeonneau rôti à l’émiettée de truffes.”