Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza

Hotel. The idyllic Cavas Wine Lodge is perfectly situated in Mendoza, the heart of Argentina’s wine industry. Setting the standards for other wine lodges, Cavas Wine Lodge was the first of its kind in South America opened by Martin Rigal and Cecilia Diaz Chuit.
The lodge is advantageously placed in the center of its own 35 acre vineyard, the best wineries in the region, and near the Andes Mountain range which provides unbelievable sights for guests enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Each of the 14 rooms stand individually so each guests experience is their own. Rooms are situated in structures comparable to adobe huts on the outside, but have are beautifully rustic and luxurious on the inside.

Wine. With over 900 wineries at its hands, Cavas Wine Lodge bares and exceptional wine cellar. So many choices are available, but the expert sommeliers have narrowed down the selection for Cavas’ cellar to only 250 labels from the Mendoza area. Test the sommelier’s taste buds with a wine tasting or a private dinner in the cellar.

Dining. Like the rest of the lodge, the Cavas restaurant is beautiful. The menu bares a wide variety of dishes, using mostly fresh local ingredients. Guest's palates are often overwhelmed with happiness after enjoying a nice entrée and wine combination.