Villa Mangiacane, Tuscany

Hotel. Do as much or as little as you want at Villa Mangiacane. With only 26 rooms at this Tuscan villa, only a few guests are privileged enough to enjoy Tuscany and this unbelievable hotel. As a working wine and olive oil estate built by the powerful Machiavelli family, there is not doubt that the 600 acres of vineyards and groves aren’t something worth marveling at. Amidst the villa’s beautifully preserved 15th century structure, the rose gardens and spa treatments provide sanctuary for hotel guests. Every nook and cranny of this estate is filled with Renaissance details that are worthy of even the finest museums. And what better place to capture Italian artistry than Florence, which is only 12 km from Villa Mangiacane?

Wine. The complexity of Villa Mangiacane’s wines stems from the diverse climate exposures created by the vastness of the estate’s 41 hectares. With vineyards in the San Casciano area and the Greve region, the combination of these grapes produces a fuller more satisfying flavor. During your stay, enjoy the winery’s Grappa along with the Merlots and Chianti Classico.

Dining. Along with providing guests with one-on-one cooking classes, executive chef Massimo Bocus shares his love of Tuscan cooking through his dishes. Innovative use of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients have resulted in the signature dishes of red tuna fillet and braised beef calf. Bocus ensures that Villa Mangiacane wines compliment his own variety of flavors. Take advantage of the location by taking Bocus’ dishes al fresco out on the terrace.