Chateau de Bagnols, Lyon

Hotel. In 1987 when Lady Hamlyn crossed the drawbridge of the Chateau de Bagnols, her imagination ran wild with possibilities. After lovingly restoring the Chateau to its Renaissance beauty, it became quite clear that this historic, luxurious hotel would be unparalleled. Complete with a dry moat, gardens, towers and turrets, this one of a kind castle overlooks its vineyards as well as the rest of the Beaujolais countryside of southeastern France. Only a short drive from Lyon, the 13th century chateau eagerly awaits its guests, wanting to welcome them to one of 21 elegant rooms or suites. A five star hotel with one-of-a-kind experiences is exactly what you should expect from Chateau de Bagnols.

Wine. In the cellar and cave of Chateau de Bagnols, it is almost as if the wine is hibernating. The utter calm of the long hallway lined with casks is haunting, but a private wine tasting amidst this atmosphere reminds one that the wine is very much alive. The hotel’s sommelier happily serves and recommends only the best of French wines, specifically those from the local Beaujolais region and neighboring Burgundy. Chateau de Bagnols’ impressive wine list compliments the decorated dishes of Matthieu Fontaine.

Dining. Executive chef Matthieu Fontaine joined Chateau de Bagnols in 2003 to lead the kitchen of the hotel’s gastronomic pleasure, La Salle des Gardes. Sitting under a French coat of arms, patrons experience the unique style of Fontaine’s slow cooking and combinations of freshest local produce. With one Michelin star proclaiming its excellence, La Salle des Gardes boasts traditional Beaujolais cuisine that satisfies each and every taste bud. Or for a more intimate experience Le Cuvage allows guests to dine where the wine is made directly above the cellar. And finely, enjoy the outdoors and beautiful French climate by dinning at Le Salon d’Ombrage under the estate’s 100-year-old lime trees.