Clos Apalta, Colchagua Valley

Hotel. This idyllic and modern winery has opened its doors to the wine lover in everyone with the premiere of its exclusive guesthouse. The family-owned Clos Apalta winery has been cultivating superior Chilean wines of deep purple hues and full-bodied tastes for almost a decade. Now with four incredibly private “casitas” nestled on the hillside overlooking the vineyard, guests are now in close proximity to the vines. However, the various terrains of the property permit guests to experience the Chilean countryside through trekking, hiking, and of course exploring the other surrounding wineries and vineyards.

Wine. Clos Apalta is Casa Lapostolle’s world-class iconic wine. This winery in Chile devotes itself solely to Clos Apalta production. Uniquely, this new facility has taken advantage of one of nature’s wonders: gravity. Through the use of gravity, by building the winery against a hillside, the beginning stages of wine making occur at the highest point and as the grapes and juices slide lower in altitude they grow closer to the aging caskets. The beauty in the process: the elimination of pumps that can sometimes alter the wine’s ultimate flavors. This high-tech system alone is fascinating to any wine connoisseur.

Dining. The hotel’s restaurant is located inside the main exclusive guesthouse and, of course, features Clos Apalta’s vintages from the underlying cellar.