Château de Marçay, Loire Valley

Hotel. The 21st century meets the 15th century at the Château de Marçay. Inside this preserved fortress there is a 4-star hotel with 32 rooms, 4 apartments, a wine cellar of over 700 labels and a restaurant you will never forget. All this and more in a palace surrounded by a private vineyard, a beautiful pool and the charm of the Loire Valley. Relax and take in the splendor and romance of the hotel’s vast estate with the ones you love.

Wine. With one of the largest (and oldest) wine cellars in the region, the Château de Marçay is sure to have a label that will tickle your fancy. Underneath the massive fortress, the wine cellar houses a selection of more than 700 references. The chef works alongside the cellar master to highlight the strongest vintages from the Loire Valley. But to really see the tradition of wine making, take a tour through “Le Château de Marçay” vineyard and see first-hand the grapes that eventually evolve into complex flavors in a bottle.

Dining. Colorful and skillfully crafted dishes make up this kingdom of food at the hotel’s restaurant. The bright yellow décor of the dining room contrasts the dark hues of Loire’s reds, adding to the rainbows made by the food itself. The goal of the restaurant is to bring out the flavors of wine with each and every dish.