Grande Roche, Cape Town

Hotel. The Cape Winelands region of South Africa boasts some of the most beautiful vineyards and flavorful wines of the world. The Grande Roche hotel sits in the valley of the Cape Winelands surrounded by sprawling greens and close to the town of Paarl. After being renovated in the early 90s, the Grande Roche hotel emerged as the premiere luxury hotel of the region – it was even declared a national landmark. Amongst the hotel’s lush rooms and beautiful architecture, the humidor is a special attraction for many. With a huge assortment of the finest cigars from around the world, the hotel staff has been trained to care for and recommend these exquisite novelties for your particular likes. Only 40 minutes outside of Cape Town, the Grande Roche must be on everyone’s to do list during a trip to South Africa.

Wine. Cape Winelands’ beautiful vineyards emerge out of the fertile valleys of the region that are diverse in soil and climate. This range results in the world famous flavors of the Winelands’ reds and whites. The Grande Roche fully embraces the viticulture surroundings. Every year, the hotel hosts special Gourmet Evenings complete with five-course meals and wine pairings that highlight Cape Winelands’ fortes. Different hotel packages provide guests with tours of local wine estates, introductions to winemakers, and of course a private wine tasting.

Dining. A “Jacket and Tie” are required for Bosman’s Restaurant in the hotel’s main Victorian manor house. Getting dressed up is not a burden because this exquisite, innovative cuisine returns the favor. Taping into some of Africa’s most flavorful ingredients, Bosman’s dishes excite the palate. For a more relaxed atmosphere, the Bistro Allegro’s outdoor terrace by the pool serves traditional dishes that everyone will enjoy.